NCC is an italian word that means…

What is the difference between the term -car hire with driver- and -NCC-?

If we do a google search for “NCC“, the first entry that appears is on wikipedia. It reads: -the rental service with driver is addressed to the specific user who advances, at the time of delivery, a special request for a certain time and / or trip performance.

The parking of the means is usually carried out at remittances or at the mooring berths. The carrier’s seat and the repository must be located, in general, in the territory of the issuing authority.

In the rental service with a car driver, it is often forbidden to park in public parking spaces in the territorial areas where the taxi service (source: Wikipedia) is used.

The above-described Car Rental-Concessions are often contracted in NCC (Hire with Driver) but often foreign users have absolutely no idea of ​​the meaning of the acronym on the cars.

It is clear then that we are talking about a classic transport service operated by taxi drivers with the same purpose but with very different service levels.

In English speaking countries we speak of -limousine service- but also of -limousine chauffeur service- and of -rent with driver-. In Italy, the term preferred by international users is both -limo-service and similar but in fact every individual country adopts a specific term:

In the US, GB, Australia and New Zealand and all the countries where English is spoken, as we have already mentioned above, -limousine service- but also -limousine chauffeur service- and di -rent with driver-; in France -location avec chauffeur-; in Portagallo -aluguel com motorist-; -alquiler with Spanish conductor, etc.

The term car hire, on the other hand, represents a very well-known sector, namely that of rent-a-car companies. And so companies like Hertz, Sixty, Europecar, etc.

Not exactly incorrectly grammatically but definitely not consistent with industry law the term -Automobile with driver-linking the two terms above described and the different types of transport service but which could create confusion in the end user.

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