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    Discounted SEO Service says:

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    Although there are numerous blogs and websites dedicated to SEO, sometimes the best way to
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    How is your SEO? Test your SEO skills in minutes with the SEO
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    The book is a little out of date now and references some sites and resources that no longer exist.

    Aside from that it is a useful book for an intermediate SEO marketer.
    Wiley has another Dummies book on the topic called Search
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    there. This newer book on selling on Amazon came out in early 2017.
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    The self-published layout and non-standardized graphics are distracting and make
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    Content Writing/Keywords We’ve found that content targeting seems to be the
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    In order to create a main theme for search engine optimization, you must identify a
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    Is SEO really necessary? That question usually crops up every so often. I believe it is because some do not want to tackle SEO or don’t have a clue to what they should do.
    How can you reproduce the success you saw on that one page, to your other pages?
    So if you are remotely interested in getting your feet wet, let
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    What are the basic elements of SEO-keywords,
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    foreplay says:

    I got this website from my pal who told me concerning this site and at the moment this time I am visiting this website and reading very informative articles or reviews at this time.

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    https://register.bet9ja.com says:

    Bet9ja Registration – Bet9ja is the Nigerian Biggest online sports betting company and in this article we are going to
    teach you about Bet9ja Registration i.e How to Create Bet9ja Account.
    Creating a Bet9ja account is something but another important thing is knowing How to Play a Bet9ja Online,
    so this article will reveal everything to you and you need to bookmark this
    page for future reference. So creating a Bet9ja account is not a bad idea at all
    so that you can enjoy your betting from the comfort of your home or any convenient place and time.
    Right now, lets move straight to Bet9ja Registration guide to that
    you start enjoying your sports betting right away.

    Notice that you can use both desktop and mobile interface.
    It all depends on your preferred device. This step is so simple like the first step above, so in this step, you are
    required to provide an information about you, so fill in your
    personal information such as your valid e-mail address.
    As you can see in the picture, you need to fill in the first gap with
    e-mail, next you need to write it again to confirm it.
    Also, you have an opportunity to use a promotion code if you
    have one. Next, you have to accept the privacy policy and terms of use of the
    website, confirming that you are already 18 years old.
    And finally, click the REGISTER button.

    Now the question is how to activate bet9ja account.
    When you finish all these operations, you will receive an e-mail letter,
    so be ready to check your inbox. You will need to click the
    lick in this letter to confirm your e-mail and
    activate the account. Also, you will need to enter your password twice in order to confirm your choice.
    There are other options to customize your profile such as date
    of birth and age, gender, religious beliefs, an area where
    you live and phone number. As soon as you accurately follow all
    the steps of the registration process mentioned above, you will get another e-mail letter from Bet9ja website, that will inform
    you that you have become a member of the community. The last
    step is loading your account with the particular amount of money.
    The necessary amount is 100 Naira. As for the maximum amount it is
    10 million Naira. You can use such transfer systems as FCMB,
    UBA, PayPal, Paycom or Zenith bank.

    Or you want to see coupon Code for today’s match? Or the nearest shop app or how to download bet9ja mobile app?
    Right here you will see everything. You’re going to see everything from the being to the end about bet9ja betting and how to win all your matches.
    So if you are seriously ready to see how you can put an end to your cutting slips,
    then ensure you keep reading. The most amazing thing is that, all the things contained
    on this tutorial are Free. Once you visit the website, you will be given options to chose from either
    new Mobile, old mobile or PC (Computer) version.

    Firstly, Bet9ja is an online bookmaker company that offers betting on major sporting events.
    Traded under KC Gaming Networks Limited, the website is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board with permission to
    operate in other parts of Nigeria. Bet9ja have shops in almost all the street across nation wide, with 24/7 online site available for you anytime anywhere and their agents are trustworthy.
    Bet9ja have all kinds of sports available for betting be
    it Virtual games, live matches etc. Why not find out by going to any bet9ja outlet in your area
    today and have the number one betting experience.

    Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.

    Nairaland Forum / Entertainment / Sports / Is Football Betting
    Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    6:08pm On Oct 21, 2013 I do not know the right place to
    post this honestly so please MODS do not ban me.
    I have small capital which i do not want t waste.
    10k to 15 weekly? Nigeria and if so how? Also bet site
    owners please your welcome to carry me along. Do not just read and pass please read and contribute.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business
    To Venture Into.

    Nobody: 9:39pm On Oct 21, 2013 you have to know that football betting is gambling and
    should not be seein as a business. 1 Like Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    OkwaIfugo(m): 9:49pm On Oct 21, 2013 its good but i cant risk my money oooo.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture
    Into. Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    7:07am On Oct 22, 2013 your kindly advice is needed. Re:
    Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.

    Nobody: 12:11pm On Oct 22, 2013 fitnesswis: your kindly advice is needed.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    OkwaIfugo(m): 11:16pm On Oct 22, 2013 my personal
    opinion is that it involves lots and lots and lots of money as in capital for you to own a bet company.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    9:49pm On Oct 23, 2013 OkwaIfugo: my personal
    opinion is that it involves lots and lots and lots of money as in capital
    for you to own a bet company. Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative
    Business To Venture Into. 10:20am On Oct 24, 2013 You can become an agent to some of the sports betting websites in Nigeria, there
    are several , some I kow are Nairabet, bet9ja amongst others
    ( please do your research to find out more).

    Basically you need to an office, computer connected to the internet, printer.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.

    10:20am On Oct 25, 2013 i do not wana be an agent pls. Re:
    Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture
    Into. 6:58am On Oct 27, 2013 information is key pls do help me out.
    Re: Is Football Betting Business Lucrative Business To Venture Into.
    Let me take a few minute of your time . How will
    you feel if you are earning N30,000 or More weekly ?
    Good right , you can even earn upto N250,000 monthly YES
    ! See you can earn additional income from sport betting business apart
    from your present income . Also you can maintain many things from your earning from sport betting business OR even earn more that your salary WEEKLY .

    Nairaland – Copyright © 2005 – 2019 Oluwaseun Osewa. All rights reserved.

    See How To Advertise.

    Bet right, get paid right, Abdullahi would claim. So is the case in Abuja, as it
    may be the case everywhere, Phillips maintains. It,
    therefore, empowers the commission to correctly regulate the operations of
    all lottery companies, which protects the interest of
    stockholders, players and the general public, and comprise sports betting company.
    As was the pools gambling of old, which it replaces, for bulk of Abuja
    punters, nevertheless, sports betting is all about
    habit. I must confess that the business is moving,” Abdullahi said, explaining, “you can gamble N100 and win N3 million. Is N50 million. With a stake of N100 you can win up N49 million.

    A punter yesterday in my presence betted seven times at N150 each stake before he could
    win N20, 000.00, and that’s an especial luck. You can be
    playing for quite a while without winning anything.

    Shina Phillips dismissed sports betting as detrimental to the market
    of both the country and the individual player. It isn’t developing the economy of anybody or
    any country. It develops the market of just the operators,” he said, admitting, “I began last
    year, and I ‘ve been winning meager amounts of money but my maximum win so far is N7000.
    I stake between N500 and N200. I do’t support the youth to get addicted to it, because it’s a waste of

    I play as much as five times daily with the stakes I simply
    told before winning anything at the end of the day. I see sports betting as a
    panacea to societal ills. It reduces the rate of perpetrating crimes among the
    youth, who constitute majority of the criminals in the society.
    On carrying out criminal activities rather than occupying their thoughts, they come here every day,
    play; some win, some lose; we pay those who win their money, which they use to offset their invoices.
    You’re able to see they get money without carrying out any
    unlawful activity like robbery or militancy.
    Someone would bet, say, N300 and at the end wins, say, N5000.

    Sports betting firm, Bet9ja, in line with its set philosophy of rewarding
    people’s love, has again paid out an enormous bonus triumph of N36,702,
    316.98 to another winner Nwakama Uzoma . The victor used our
    on-line system by staking only N500.00. I’m happy to tell you the winner was issued with
    his cheque. We will continue to strive to serve our customers to the best of our skills.

    They are completely licensed and regulated in Nigeria and hold the license to operate in all
    states where sports betting is allowed. Their greatest existence
    is in the state of Lagos where they may be licensed by the
    Lagos State Lotteries Board.

    KC Gaming Networks draw upon the best practices from Africa and Europe.
    Their technology centre relies in Europe which ensures all customer
    transactions as well as protection and dependability of these systems.
    Their customer service operations are based in Lagos State, Nigeria to ensure the customer service is consistently top-class quality.
    They hope to set the standard for retail, mobile and on-line gambling in Nigeria.

    Additionally they offer live gambling where players can bet on matches from all over the world as they’re happening.
    The casino offers scratch cards, table games,
    slots, draws and numbers. Table games include Punto Banco,
    European Roulette, Red Dog, Classic Blackjack and Mahjong.

    Slot games contain Turkish Nights and Tutti Frutti, Santa’s Gifts, One
    Night in Vegas, Pirate Island, House of Dracula, The
    Don. Scratch cards include Manga Beach, The Big Match, Mystery Mansion, Pirate Instant and Jewels of Anubis.
    In the draws and numbers section players can locate games like Toto Keno,
    Lucky Dice, Wild West HiLo, Jacks or Better 100, Dr Jekyll’s Keno and Cards HiLo.
    The minimum withdrawal limit is the maximum is
    N9,999,999 and they’re normally and N5000 processed within 24 hours.
    Deposits can be made through debit cards, bank collect or Xpath.
    Only Naira debit cards are taken and these are Mastercard, Verve and
    eTranzact. The web site offers a data page where players can see the most recent statistics stand an improved possibility of winning and to be able to set better wagers.

    The results page enables player to view all the most recent results and the livescore page
    allows players to view immediate results from games
    that are live. Open a franchise online and players can register becoming a partner.
    Some of the advantages of opening a franchise are that all customer and hazard losses are paid by bet9ja mobile, set-up
    support for hardware is supplied and fee rates based on turnover.
    There are 4 simple ways through which to fund your Bet9ja account.
    The minimal amount that can be deposited through each approach is N100
    and the maximum amount is N9,999,999. Accounts
    can be funded by transferring cash at any UBA Bank in Nigeria.
    Request the teller to deposit the money to KC
    Gaming Networks using the Bet9ja account number that’s listed on their website
    and Bank Amass. Provide your Bet9ja User ID which is supplied on the top right hand corner
    of the site when a player is logged in. The teller will subsequently validate the payment and
    the account that is Bet9ja will immediately be credited free of charge.
    Constantly keep the receipt. By using your ATM
    or debit card it’s possible for you to fund your account,.
    Just access the deposit section of the Bet9ja site and click on the Cards link.

    This new position is a two-place jump from its fourth
    position this time last year. The Alexa rank compares websites against each other to determine what site makes it to the top.
    Therefore, a general increase in web traffic does not mean the site’s ranking will improve.
    But in the case of Bet9ja, her ranking improved which tells
    that their “visit rate” is growing and rising faster than other top sites in the country.
    The ranking takes into consideration the unique
    visitors and page views of sites over the past three months before deciding which URL is the most visited for
    that period.

    According to a statement from the company, “The rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of pageviews over the past 3 months”.

    Not much changed this year regarding who makes the
    top 10 rankings. However, their rankings have shifted.
    Betting in the country has gone haywire with Nigerians reportedly spending about
    ₦5 billion daily to bet. Thrill, high unemployment rates, loss-chasing, and the hope
    of a big win are some of the psychologies driving an increase in the activity.
    Internet and mobile penetration have aided the run of betting
    in the country as punters can now bet from the comfort of their homes, offices or/and on-the-go without
    having to visit a physical betting shop.

    According to Alexa, visitors spend a whopping 16 minutes and 42 seconds on Bet9ja’s website per visit which is more than the time spent on Google (7 minutes 24 seconds) and Google NG (7 minutes 57
    seconds) combined. Some of their numbers come
    from computer operators at betting shops who help offline bettors
    enter their predictions into the system. The average daily time on site could be so high because many operators tend to leave their systems
    perpetually on the Bet9ja site while being connected to the internet.
    In essence, Bet9ja’s substantial offline presence aided their online visibility and web traffic.
    In a small shop, one can find as many as 33 people at a given point in time.

    In fact, at a betting shop in Ojuelegba,
    the owner has had to hire bouncers to control the traffic to
    and from the shop. The frequency of betting averages thrice a week for many bettors with a
    minimum of ₦100 per game. Many bettors have developed a higher
    tolerance for the activity as many need to gamble in higher amounts to derive the same level of satisfaction. Respondents even tell us
    that they know some of their friends who lie about their betting habits to
    their parents. Tolerance and cover-up are
    symptoms of a gambling disorder. But will Nigerians take heed?
    Plus are our health institutions even paying
    attention to these new orders of mental disorder?

    The Nigeria National League,NNL, would on Thursday the 18th of May in Lagos officially unveil its new sponsorship
    deal with popular gaming outfit Bet9ja . The unveiling ceremony would hold
    at the Lagos Corporate headquarters of Bet9ja. The event
    would also afford both parties the chance to unfold the details of the mega partnership to the media.
    NNL Chief Executive Officer, Bukola Olopade said yesterday
    that the deal with Bet9ja would, no doubt, open a
    new vista for the League. “We promised two weeks ago that we will for sure unveil to the public details of our contract with Bet9ja. We are set to do the needful and tell Nigerians all they need to know about the contract. We know that Nigerians are eager to hear from us, so we are inviting our brothers in the media, to the official unveiling and contract signing ceremony of the NNL/Bet9ja partnership,” Olopade said.
    It would be noted that the chairman of the sports betting company, Kunle Soname, is the owner of top European club,
    Desportive Feirense in the Portuguese primeira Liga.
    He also doubles as the chairman of Nigeria
    Premier League side, Remo Stars Football club of Sagamu.
    He is an avid soccer lover, an excellent football administrator and a man who
    believes in developing the sport from the grassroots.

    If you want to try your luck in betting money on your favourite sports, then you should definitely check
    out this famous Russian bookmaker. You can choose to easily play on its official website, or you can opt to visit one of
    the thousands of agencies present in various parts of
    the world. 1xbet is not just a platform for online betting.
    Within, you can also find a brand new casino, slot machines,
    poker, finance, TOTO and TV gaming. In brief, it appeals to
    a wide audience, promising fun tailored to all
    tastes. The real strength of the 1xbet bookmaker
    is nonetheless the betting section. Among the most followed games are
    principally football, rugby, cycling, cricket, poker, running, boxing and many others.

    Keep in mind that there are a total of 171 games.
    If these bookmakers are often considered predominantly male places, it is also good to remember that amongst the various
    sports offered by 1xbet are also all the most famous women’s championships.
    Open an account at 1XBET and claim your 100% welcome bonus up to €100!
    Nigeria is a developing nation and therefore does not enjoy
    certain services and infrastructures present in more developed countries.
    Still, the Wi-Fi network and the utilisation of electronic
    payment systems are growing at a good pace. This is an exciting time for the online gambling market, given that most bookmakers have Nigeria in their sights.

    Not only with regard to sports betting, given that Nigeria is the
    most populous nation on the African continent and is experiencing
    unprecedented economic growth. Bet now at Bet365 the best bookmaker in Nigeria!
    Having disposable income for entertainment purposes, more and more Nigerian sports fans want to know the best sites to
    commence their online adventure. Still, gamble online from Nigeria is not as easy as it sounds, with some bookmakers
    having been pressured by the government to cease their activities in Nigeria.
    We recommend the use of international betting websites!
    EUR, Dollar or Nigerian Naira? On the surface, it would seem beneficial to bet in the local currency (NGN) to save on commissions for currency change.

    However, there are a number of reasons why it is better to
    gamble with traditional European bookmakers. Firstly, the odds
    are very high. Take for example those of 1XBET which are
    approaching 98% – a real record! It is impossible to find NAIRA bookmakers offering high odds.
    100,000 for each single bet. To fund an account in Naira
    by credit card is not very advantageous, as there will
    be fees ranging from 1.50% to 8.50%, while with the international bookmakers, you can use the famous online wallet Neteller for
    deposits. As indicated prior, Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers, offering a live TV to watch over
    10,000 events live each year. Yet, if you are a football fan, you
    will have to open an account with PlanetWin365! This bookmaker offers all
    kinds of betting on football, including combobet, has an accumulator bonus up to 160%, and you can bet
    on 30 games simultaneously with a single ticket. Betshop recently decided to
    accept Nigerian Naira! 0.10 per bed, as is the
    case with Marathonbet.

    Ahead of Friday, May 30 kick off of the Bet9ja Ekiti Football League,
    organisers of the league have disclosed that they are
    overwhelmed by the large number of clubs who have registered to participate on the 2019 league.
    According to the Secretary of the Committee, Idowu B.S, an unprecedented 60 clubs have
    registered to participate in the competition. And this has led the organising committee to
    restrategise on the best way to host a proper competition.
    The competition which is sponsored by Nigeria’s foremost betting
    company, Bet9ja, would feature teams drawn from across the 16 local government
    areas of the state.

    He further opened up that the competition was originally meant for forty (40) teams but due to
    pressure and plea from club owners to accommodate their teams thus the expansion.
    “We didn’t have any choice than to push the kick off date forward to Thursday May, 30th, to allow us prepare for the extra teams. “You know our plan was for 40
    teams but now we have 60 teams after we agreed to allow the registration of 4
    more teams earlier in the week” he explained. The 16 teams shall be divided into 4 groups and they will play on home and away basis. The winner of each group will go on to play at the final play offs which shall take place at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium in September.

    Speaking about stars, no matter what side of the divide you sit on, you will admit that BBNaija is a great talent factory where stars are made. By just becoming one of the housemates on the show, you can be propelled to heights unimagined and unlock doors to many opportunities. With the help of a ‘Big Brother’, ex-housemates achieve a boost in their career trajectories which would have hitherto taken years to achieve. For instance, pre BBNaija season 3 Double Wahala, Tobi Bakre wasn’t a household name. It was in fact his older brother Femi Bakre, the founder of Kraks, a comedy brand with over 2 million followers across social media platforms, who had some level of popularity. Tobi was a low-key guy who worked in a bank and took up photography as a ‘side hustle’.

    He was about your average Nigerian youth who had dreams of making it big and making his mark in the creative industry. Those hopes and dreams took a big leap when he went into the BBNaija house. Although he did not win, emerging second runner-up was in no way a small feat. He has since risen to become one of the most liked personalities in the Nigerian social media space recording a spike in followership by 450% since the show ended, as he revealed in an interview. In real life, his new-found fame fetched him some mouth-watering deals with big consumer brands including Unilever, Amstel Malta and Jumia.

    He has also taken up some acting gigs and is currently the star of one of Africa Magic’s shows, Hustle. When Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee-C stepped on stage and made her way into the BBNaija Double Wahala house, no one envisaged the firebrand she would be! Cee-C was unarguably the most controversial of the lot and she didn’t care whose ox was gored as she made known her views and opinions on subject matters and fellow housemates. After 85 eventful days in the house, she came in second place, missing the number one spot by a few votes. Cee-C, a lawyer, worked as an outdoor advertising practitioner and was relatively unknown before going into the BBNaija house.

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