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  1. Discounted SEO Service
    Discounted SEO Service says:

    Looking for a reliable Denver SEO expert? Since 1996, Colorado SEO has specialized in providing organic search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing services to businesses worldwide.
    Our team of seasoned SEO consultants fully understand what it takes to move
    a web site to the top of the search engines.
    Colorado SEO offers your company a full spectrum
    of SEO services that will propel YOUR web site to the top search
    engines. If you are looking to hire the top SEO firm in Denver, we
    can help. Let’s be honest… SEO has to be a win-win for both of
    us… YOU “the customer” and us “the SEO provider”.

    If we do a great job, YOU will see an awesome return on your investment.

    If you see an awesome return on your investment, you will likely stay with
    us long term. We are seeking long term, successful relationships with our clients
    and we would to help you optimize the profitability of your business online.
    Whether your site seeks to target local keywords or national phrases, we can help.
    We have tremendous experience in both areas. We are also confident when working with advanced and Enterprise SEO projects.
    Since mobile search queries have grown 500% in the past 2 years, and
    mobile usually yields local results, Google Maps optimization is now
    more important than ever. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched during this same time frame.

    Since Youtube videos are now showing up in the Google search results, and because it’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world (only behind Google in market share), we believe video marketing warrants plenty of attention! If you
    have videos for your business or services, we can help you monetize them.

    Studies show that web site owners who employ video on their
    web sites are likely to rank higher in the search engines.
    As your chosen SEO agency, we will work to optimize the videos with
    proven techniques and practices, to increase the visibility of your company.
    Would you hire an electrician to do your plumbing? It’s a common misconception that web developers are also SEOs.

    Web designers are usually strong at designing web sites, but often overlook the key components of search
    engine optimization (SEO). SEO firms are specialized in traffic generation and work specifically to increase traffic, leads and revenue to your web site.
    Our Denver SEO experts and consultants will provide you with the full service solution to effectively drive more revenue to your company
    via the Web. Almost 2 billion people have smart phones
    worldwide. This year, mobile searches will surpass
    desktop searches for the first time ever. That said, it’s important
    to make sure that your web site is “mobile friendly”,
    responsive and easy to find if someone does a search from a
    mobile device. We use the best practices to make sure your site is optimized for the search engines and that your web site is mobile ready.

    Today, we no longer need to explain the benefits of search engine optimization. It seems that
    everyone “gets it” now. There are now billions of web searches
    each month in Google, Yahoo and Bing alone. There are over 2,600,000,000 ACTIVE
    internet users worldwide and 254,000,000 live in the United States.
    With that being said, the value of proper search
    engine optimization cannot be over stated. With a well-trained and highly educated SEO agency working with you, your worries of not
    being found can be put to rest. When consumers search the web for products or services
    you offer, who will they find, YOU or your competitor? Our
    Denver SEO firm stays current on all of the updates Google makes.
    We pride ourselves on being experts in our field.
    Over the past few years, Google has made changes to their
    algorithm, and that may have impacted your company’s website negatively.
    We work to stay in top of all important search engine changes, and strive to find the best practices that coincide with the ever changing world of search engine optimization.

    The online world is definitely bustling with various and limitless activities as more and more people are grabbing the
    upbeat benefits of everything the internet can willingly offer.

    One can connect with long lost friends or create new ones
    using the different social media sites, learn more up about the latest information on various subject matters or buy and sell items through virtual stores.
    In fact, according to the latest statistics,
    a growth of 399% all over the globe from the years 2000-2009 was recorded.

    That is how fast people have come to realize the importance
    and advantages of the internet. In addition, the number is rising everyday.
    People have also come to appreciate the fact that one can earn money through the online marketplace.

    More and more websites are offering products or services to
    individuals who are eager to shop online. You can buy anything
    you need online because it is very convenient, easy and most of
    all very practical since you can compare prices to help you make the wisest choice.
    Indeed, online commerce has never been so alive, and people are
    hooked. With this development, having a simple
    and working website is not enough to have a profitable online business.

    You need to exert more efforts pertaining to your site’s promotional
    activities and strategies in order to grab a slice of the burgeoning business pie.

    The online business needs as much marketing hard work as that with the traditional business because of the growing competition. There are already millions of websites competing for attention from customers, and millions are joining the
    list each month. Therefore, if you want to outperform your competitor, your website must be very visible for
    people’s easy access to it. Marketing your site is
    never an easy task, albeit achieving supremacy in the search engine rankings is possible but it requires expertise on the
    field of internet marketing. In order to generate more visitors and eventually convert these
    visits to sales, hire a reliable SEO company to do all the marketing efforts
    for your website.

    SEO is search engine optimization and is referred to individuals or a company that caters to your marketing needs in the
    online arena. These companies in essence assist you in increasing your rankings using a variety of techniques.
    You must ensure that the techniques are what are called ‘White-Hat’ otherwise you risk penalties from the search engines.
    Therefore, if you want to produce better results in terms of your
    site’s marketing, then leave these speciality tasks
    to the experts. An SEO company will definitely come in handy as they have the right expertise in the field and the required knowledge in the ever-changing trends of the worldwide web.

    They know the right campaign plan that will work for your site’s visibility and most of all they are very adept with the changing development of the
    online commerce sector. So go ahead, hire an SEO company and eventually, you will begin to reap the benefit for your
    site. Outlast and outperform the online competition with the
    help of a reliable SEO company. You should only engage SEO firms with credibility and critically, proof of other campaigns they have worked on. Not on the 1st page of the search engines?

    You are losing 80% of your potential searchers.

    Ensure that they promise to put your site onto page one of the search engines.
    Work with an SEO team that uses statistical software like Google analytics to
    analyze your site. Always ask to see their client portfolio and some rankings that have been achieved for their clients.
    Request to see the type of end of month reporting they offer.

    Although there are numerous blogs and websites dedicated to SEO, sometimes the best way to
    learn in depth is by finding an expertly-written book that can explain the intricacies of SEO strategy and tactics.
    These are interesting times for books. Books now come in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited (free with subscription), PDF, and audio formats.
    After experiencing consistent growth for the previous 5 years, ebook sales were actually down about 20% in 2016,
    while analog books were up 7%. Analog books are back,
    especially with young children. Sales of e-readers declined steeply by more than 40% between 2011 and 2016 as more people use smartphones to
    read ebooks, according to consumer research group Euromonitor International.

    How is your SEO? Test your SEO skills in minutes with the SEO
    Traveler and SEO Explorer quizzes. However you want to read them, here are the best SEO books that we have found for marketers from beginners to experts
    looking to improve their SEO techniques and results.
    Learn how to organize and operate an SEO team in SEO Management.
    Discover a succinct 4-step SEO methodology
    in How to Maximize SEO ROI. Check out our blog on 10
    Steps to Becoming an SEO Expert. If you are serious about learning a subject,
    then you should probably have a text book in your lineup.

    Text books cover a subject with breadth and provide an index and a reference.
    The downside of text books is that they are a little bit difficult to read cover to cover.
    Text books tend to take a tactical approach to the topic instead of an abstract or strategic
    one. SEO for Dummies is a solid book that provides detailed and code-level recommendations for nealy
    all of the topics relevant in SEO. Kent goes from the industry to the site to the page
    to the code. Kent has a coders perspective on most pf the
    topics, which is helpful when SEOs needs to generate understanding and support
    with their organizations.

    The book is a little out of date now and references some sites and resources that no longer exist.

    Aside from that it is a useful book for an intermediate SEO marketer.
    Wiley has another Dummies book on the topic called Search
    Engine Optimization for Dummies by Bruce Clay. The book is a thick 737 pages
    and covers a lot of ground. Clay is a regular speaking presence at the SEO conferences and offers in-person trainings
    there. This newer book on selling on Amazon came out in early 2017.
    They report that just over half of Amazon’s sales are through their 3rd party merchants, making them the
    overwhelming marketplace leader. The good news is that the marketplace is open to merchants of all sizes, and those that have a solid SEO strategy can see sizable
    improvement in SERP appearance and results.

    In chapter 10, How to Master Amazon SEO and Move Your Products up the Search Rankings in 2018, they cover Amazon SEO and how to appeal to the Amazon A9 search engine.
    It is similar to Google’s search algorithm, but less
    mature than our RankBrainy friend. They explain the ins and outs
    of titles, reviews, pictures, descriptions, and meta-data.
    They also introduce some helpful free tools to help get the work done.
    It’s great for SEO to contribute outside of its traditional realm and makes SEOs who master those adjacencies more valuable.
    7 bucks. Check it out. As the title suggests, this book
    is written for the 3 major stakeholders of the website besides the SEO: the marketers, the designers, and the executives, and all can benefit when the interests of
    the thee groups are aligned.

    While the title highlights SEO, this book is also about developing a well-rounded marketing strategy as
    it is about getting better Google rankings for your website.
    The answer may surprise you. This is an excellent new book in the space.
    The book is best for beginners and people outside the field or
    SEOs with less than a year experience. Matthew Capala
    has been working in digital marketing for over a decade,
    including having experience with big-name brands such as Apple, Smirnoff, and Prudential.

    He teaches at NYU while helping businesses of all sizes understand how
    the internet can be used for tremendous growth.
    This book has been written for beginners and it remains true
    to that purpose.

    It focuses on providing high-quality, actionable information for those new to the world of SEO, who might not be familiar with the latest marketing terms.
    He organizes the book into what he calls the
    5 Cs of SEO: Content, Code, Credibility, Connections, and Cash, which
    makes a good structure. True to his teacher roots,
    Capala details dozens of websites and resources to help readers do SEO.
    The self-published layout and non-standardized graphics are distracting and make
    it hard to skim and re-read the book. I think Capala should
    spend the money to hire a designer and get professional layout and typesetting support, especially at this price
    point. But, the content is thorough and useful for a beginner that likes a lot of storytelling and
    playfulness in their SEO. The book is also best for beginners and people
    outside the field or SEOs with less than a year experience.

    Download our free Search Engine Optimization 101 beginners’ video.
    Adam Clarke has spent the past decade consulting with various brands and
    building websites that he claims regularly reach the
    number one slot on Google. This book comes recommended both
    from those new to SEO and from more experienced marketers looking to
    learn more about some of Google’s latest algorithm updates.
    Clarke breaks down clear strategies for optimizing content
    without triggering penalties. He uses easily scaleable techniques
    for businesses of all sizes and explains sophisticated SEO topics without resorting to industry jargon. Important topics include web analytics, keyword research, and link building.

    And find out how to optimize press releases for best
    SEO results. 9.99 for the paperback. How is your SEO?

    Test your SEO skills in minutes with the SEO Traveler and SEO
    Explorer quizzes. McDonald first became involved with online media back in 1994 and
    is widely considered an industry leader. He also teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    This book goes beyond just teaching theories and ideas; it offers readers a host of tools to ensure that
    they internalize the information. It comes with worksheets and
    access to online SEO tools to help people put the information they learn through the text to good
    use. This SEO book helps marketers get into the mindset of SEO so they can seamlessly
    adapt to future industry changes and remain optimized.

    The book is intended for marketing professionals, designers, small business owners, and anyone else who wants
    to learn and understand the latest in SEO strategy.

    Not only do you learn about keywords, links, and metrics
    you also receive worksheets and tips to put that knowledge to use for your business.

    Learn a great formula for SEO management. Each of the authors is highly respected within the field of marketing and especially SEO,
    having established marketing companies and popular industry blogs.
    This book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of
    SEO, putting the complicated theories and techniques that guide some of the foremost experts on the subject into
    easy-to-understand language. The advice and information is accompanied by
    numerous screenshots and examples to help people fully grasp the topics being discussed.
    The book presents a plan for success that
    companies can implement in their own strategies to reap the benefits of modern digital marketing.

    The authors take readers from the earliest stages of defining their audience to anticipating the
    SEO of the future. Are you ready for the voice search tidal wave?
    This book is for the intermediate to advanced SEO and people with a few years experience in the field.
    How is your SEO? Test your SEO skills in minutes with
    the SEO Traveler and SEO Explorer quizzes. And don’t miss our list of best marketing books 2017 and best B2B marketing books!

    Learn how to organize and operate an SEO team in SEO Management.
    Discover a succinct 4-step SEO methodology in How to Maximize SEO ROI.

    What’s ahead for ad tech? Join us at SMX Advanced! Get the most important digital marketing news each day.
    Note: By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door
    Media’s terms. We respect your privacy. Organic
    search remains the most important step in the purchase funnel.

    With so many choices, which SEO tool is right for you?
    To be atop the waves, think about your SEO
    strategy in advance. Why does structured data matter for SEO?
    Links, even within a website, show relationships between content.
    They transfer value and importance between pages.
    Have you ever had a negative experience using a search
    engine optimization agency?

    If so, you are by no means alone. Organic search remains the most
    important step in the purchase funnel. Mobile-first indexing: Will it change your rankings on desktop?
    Getting conflicting information about whether the mobile-first indexing change will
    impact your rankings? The Tuesday meeting in Washington made an inquiry into questions of antitrust and consumer data privacy more likely.

    To get the most out of your content writers, you need to set them on the right track from the start.
    Thinking about creating an infographic or GIF as a way to attract links?
    SEO software is what makes automation of SEO processes possible.
    Is SEO table stakes? Anyone know why the idea that SEO is no longer a specialized
    practice and has turned into table stakes has taken hold? Why isn’t
    my fabulous content attracting quality links? Not getting
    anyone to respond to your link outreach emails? Gain new strategies and insights at
    the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. © 2019 Third Door Media, Inc.
    All rights reserved.

    Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the amount of visitors
    to a website by achieving a high ranking in the search
    results of a search engine (i.e. Yahoo, Google,
    etc.). The higher a website ranks in a search, the better
    the chance that a website will be visited. Most Internet
    users will not click through multiple pages of search results, so a high ranking in a
    search is necessary to direct more traffic to your
    website. While a top listing is not guaranteed, there
    are a number of small steps that you can take to improve your chances
    of gaining a top ranking. We recommend the following 5 basic steps
    to produce a more desirable search engine listing: 1.
    Content Writing/Keywords We’ve found that content targeting seems to be the
    most successful strategy. Search engines are beginning
    to use algorithms that identify the main themes of entire websites instead of just single pages.
    In order to create a main theme for search engine optimization, you must identify a
    focused group of keywords that exist on and are relevant to the content on most
    pages of your website.

    Is SEO really necessary? That question usually crops up every so often. I believe it is because some do not want to tackle SEO or don’t have a clue to what they should do.
    How can you reproduce the success you saw on that one page, to your other pages?
    So if you are remotely interested in getting your feet wet, let
    me start you off with some basic elements to SEO and how it can help your site.

    What are the basic elements of SEO-keywords,
    keyword phases, and good content. With SEO you use keywords within your content to draw the search engines to your site.

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